Why jazz education is important...

Jazz is beyond notes on a page. As a musical genre it inspires, bonds communities of people, creates a multi-generational language while providing the world with a little swing in its step! And it happens to be right up there with the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and baseball as one of America's greatest contributions to the world.

Dana and her band, The Spirit of Jazz, have taken their very engaging one-hour jazz presentation into many schools in the Northern California area as part of a Visiting Musicians program funded by Jazz Aspen and also to the Windward side of O'ahu in partnership with The Kailua Elks. The presentation demonstrates the many rhythms and influences that fall under the large umbrella of jazz; swing, blues, funk, Dixieland jazz and Latin. Students are encouraged to participate with snapping, clapping, scatting, conducting, singing, dancing and shaking their percussion instruments provided by the band. The effects of the music on the students is quite obvious...the music makes them happy and sociable!

Dana is currently seeking out individuals and/or businesses who would like to align themselves and support music education in Hawaii's schools by partially or fully sponsoring this inimitable musical experience. There are approximately 190 elementary and middle schools, public and private, on O'ahu and most of those have had some level of budget cuts affecting their arts and music programs. This opportunity to support the arts will only enhance a young person's education by positively influencing, encouraging and inspiring them through the power of music.

For more information or for a full proposal please contact Dana: Dana@DanaLand.com

Thank you, in advance, for your support!

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