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Motivational, Inspirational & Entertaining  Presentations!


International Comedic Speakers...

‘Auntie Sylvia’ - Ethics & Morals Can Be Fun! 

 A Guide to Releasing Your Mind from the Mucky Mire of Life…all offered up on a fine, funny and edgy Wedgwood platter! 

Auntie Sylvia Agnes Gribble is English Royalty…23rd in line for the throne, in fact! Host of the famous British interview television show, Up Too Close and Way Too Personal! Master Martini Mixologist and a Woman about the World! 

“You can never be too bloody rich, too bloody old or too bloody smart to be reminded of common sense principles…absobloodylutely!” ~ Sylvia A. Gribble

‘Hula Rosie ~ Hawaii’s Hostess of Aloha' 

Bringing the Aloha Spirit to Life!

 Hula Rosie was born into Aloha. She's Waikiki DNA, after all, with famous ancestors who arrived in the islands in 1856 and lived smack dab in the middle of Waikiki on the beach!

 Rosie presents what it means to live with Aloha, how to have Aloha and how to share Aloha. Her goal is to bring Aloha to the world through her inimitable brand of music, comedic hula dance lessons for the lucky audience members and the fine art of spreading Aloha!


These two presentations are available in 30, 45 and 60 minute time frames and are appropriate for all ages and all audiences from impatient tykes to stodgy old men and everybody in between who need some fun, a reboot on making good choices and a little spit shin on their moral compass!

These presentations are ideal for: Corporate, Convention, Keynote, Businesses, Schools, Non-profit Organizations, any organizations having to do with family, parents, marriage, leadership, community, educators, mental health, empowerment, sales... 


"Dana's characters are hilarious! And the interaction that they have with the audience is fun & funny! They are so unique & fresh...definitely memorable! I came away with many reminders of how important it is to live a life with integrity... that is right and ethical and what that looks like. I've hired many speakers but this is the first time I've heard this subject matter...everyone should hear this information! She also spoke about the anatomy of communication which is so valuable in life and in business! Thank you, Dana, for creating wonderful presentations that have it all!                                                                                                                            ~Kat M. Honolulu business owner