Barrie Hayman visits Sonoma!

Immediately following a late night Sunday interview that I had with radio host/funny man Mal Sharpe on KCSM a phone call from Australia came in to the studio for me. It was a nice man who introduced himself as Barrie Hayman and proceeded to tell me that he had just listened to my interview and the songs they had played off of my CD. He said that the song, "If I Only Had a Brain", made him cry. It makes my husband cry, too. I love to make people cry. Anyway, Barrie ordered my CD from and looked forward to being able to play it on his radio station Downunder. We became fast friends, emailing eachother, talking about jazz and other life experiences and now I have the pleasure of meeting him face to face when he arrives in Sonoma on Sept. 8th. We'll take in a little wine tour, some lunch and what we intend will be a fun evening of jazz at The Lodge. I've got a trio behind me-some of the best- joining me, and maybe Barrie will sing a tune? There are very few barriers when you have the internet bringing us all a little bit closer.

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