Back from the Land of Aloha...

Aaaaaah, walking and swimming at some of the most beautiful beaches in the world soothes and inspires the soul. Had a really fun time recording a live session for the upcoming album with the Honolulu Jazz Quartet. What a nice bunch of talented musicians and friends! Thank you to leader and bassist John Kolivas, pianist Dan Del Negro, drummer Von Baron and saxophonist Tim Tsukiyama. Followed this up with an even more fun performance at the Top of the Ilikai Hotel in Waikiki. The views are incredibly beautiful looking out over all of Waikiki, Pacific Ocean and the mountains. Thank you to all who showed up and a special thanks to Dave Rohner and to my special gal pals, Dana and Tyler, who adorned me with gorgeous leis of ginger, pikaki and puakinikini. Mmmmmm. I slept with them under my nose for a few nights...thought I had ended up in heaven. So good to see family and friends and look forward to returning in 6 mos. for a CD release concert. How grateful I am to have grown up there.

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