Update on new album, website, videos and electronic press kit...

Hi folks....thanks for checking in! Just want to update you on the wide (and wild!) world of jazz music-making and promotion. I've been busy recording my next album with my co-producer in life, love, and music-my husband, Jeff. We've invited some pretty terrific musicians to join us on this organic, improvisational project where, with the exception of one tune, arrangements were created pretty much on the spot with the band...yes, staying true to the jazz idiom. I wanted to collaborate with and give artistic license to these wonderful and talented players; Scotty Barnhart, 18-year veteran trumpeter with the Count Basie Orchestra; Carlos Reyes, a passionate violin virtuoso; Jeff Sanford, a dynamic and playful multi-reed musician who leads the Cartoon Jazz Orchestra; World renown drummer, Akira Tana, who can create the most interesting melodies; legendary pianist Larry Vuckovich; veteran bassist, colorful in every way, Chris Amberger; one of my favorite pianists, energetic and creative Jonathan Alford; first call veteran bassist for many in the Bay Area, John Wiitala; and the Honolulu Jazz Quartet, a group of very talented and equally nice musicians living in the home land of Hawaii Nei and include bassist and leader, John Kolivas; pianist Dan Del Negro; drummer Von Baron and sax man Tim Tsukiyama. A big ALOHA to all of the musicians above for their support, positive energy and terrific musicianship! The recordings are now in the hands of our friend and two-time Grammy-Award winning sound engineer in L.A., Woody Woodruff. So, the "birth" is getting closer... We now have 7 videos up on www.youtube.com that come from a concert we had here in our town last August at event center, Ramekins. If you're interested just type in my name and up they should come. Feel free to leave comments if you're so inclined. I appreciate each and every one. Soon to come...a new & improved website with some new photos and new album song clips, etc... Please stay tuned... Oh, and by the way, thank you so much for your interest. Hope to see you soon!

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